Tom and Who?

Tom and Who? by Rosemary WilkieWhen his baby sister is born, 9-year old Tom goes to stay with Grandma by the sea. When his new friends’ pets start to disappear, the children set out to solve the mystery, involving themselves in scary adventures as they search for the precious animals. Their love for their pets is stronger than the plans of heartless crooks to replace all pets with electronic toys.

By the end of the book, with the help of his apprentice guardian angel, Tom has learned both to love animals and accept the arrival of his baby sister.

The lively pictures are by Zoe Collard.

For 7-9 year-olds

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How to buy Tom and Who?

You can order Tom and Who? (ISBN 0-9533936-2-3)  online or from any good bookshop. Tom and Who? costs £5.99.

An ebook version (978-1-4580-7821-6), including Zoe Collard’s illustrations, was published in 2011. Buy in your preferred format from

Or buy for Kindle from Amazon worldwide for the equivalent of $2.99. ASIN: B00AFAJ8Q2 (this link is to UK store)


An intriguing tale, I couldn’t put it down. It is highly entertaining while teaching us how to recognise our subtle voice of intuition.
Ulli Springett, author of Make Your Dreams Come True

This is a sweet children’s book…that works well because Rosemary writes simply as well as spinning a good yarn which makes you want to turn the next page… I believe most children of between 6 and 8 would enjoy it. New Vision

I have so much enjoyed reading Tom and Who. It is a grand accomplishment to maintain such a lively plot.
Nancy Mellon (author of Storytelling and the Imagination)

An exciting story of adventure and mystery with an inspiring message of help from guardian angels.
Healing Today