Emily and the Angels

Emily and the AngelsYoung Emily leads several girls into a maze and they emerge in another world whose kindly Empress is being drained of power by self-seeking and unscrupulous villains. The girls offer to help and have breath-taking adventures as they journey across the world to the Highest Mountain, where people of all races share their vision of a peaceful and happier world.

On the way the girls are challenged to the utmost of their endurance. They have to learn and grow in order to survive. They are helped by dolphins, a water spirit, an angel in human form and by a wise woman counsels them until they release the hidden worries and fears that weaken and divide them. The girls are transformed by their experiences and on their return, teach the Empress to accept her share of responsibility.

But that isn’t the end of the story – the baddies are still out there! Emily and the Angels is part one of a trilogy . . .

(Secret: grown-ups enjoy this book too).

For 9-14 year-olds

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How to buy Emily and the Angels

You can order Emily and the Angels (ISBN 0-9533936-0-7) online or from any good bookshop. This earlier cover has a picture of the Empress’ balloon.

An ebook version (ISBN 978-1-4580-6195-9) was published in 2011. Buy in your preferred format from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/66160

Or buy for Kindle from Amazon worldwide for the equivalent of $2.99. ASIN: B00AFSSO0K (this link is to UK store)


In February 2000 pupils of Beacon Community College in Crowborough, East Sussex, voted Emily and the Angels best book with 211 votes. Rosemary Wilkie was voted best author with 195 votes. Roald Dahl came second and Jacqueline Wilson third.

An exciting and gripping story by a new author who could be worth watching out for. The Bookseller

This is a rollicking tale about girls setting off in a hot air balloon for all manner of adventures on their way to find the Highest Mountain where people all live harmoniously. The style is extraordinarily captivating and modern. A real cracker. Colour News

The perfect fairy tale for the 21st century, a splendid adventure story which offers much to sensitive children growing up uneasily in a grossly material world. Mensa Magazine

An exciting adventure which holds many thought provoking ideas for adults. Like the Wizard of Oz, the Narnia stories and many other so-called children’s books, there are different messages to meet the needs of the reader. I enjoyed he book and recommend it for adults and children alike. Healing Today

As a former teacher I would not hesitate to recommend this book. An excellent way for parents, grandparents or teachers to share with their children for mutual learning and fun. New Vision

A wisdom teaching in its own right. Judy Fraser