About Rosemary Wilkie

As I wrote very good essays when I was nine, my parents and teachers hoped I would become a writer. I thought it would be much more exciting to be an architect or a sailor, but those careers were reserved for boys. At nineteen I ran away to discover the world, landed in the United States, married and started a family.

My mother, undeterred, gave me a portable typewriter for my 21st birthday. I used it to start grown up novels poking fun at institutions and social customs – books never finished as my targets changed when I moved to France, Canada, France again and back to England.

Two husbands, two sons, two stepsons and five grandchildren absorbed much of my time, as did brief careers in computers and the civil service, followed by many years as a psychotherapist and heart awakener.

In the nineties, I began to write again, mostly non-fiction, but writing children’s books is much more fun. Emily and the Angels, was published in paperback in 1999, followed by Tom and Who? in 2005. Both were subsequently published as ebooks in 2011.  Poppy’s Quest was published as an ebook in 2011.

As well as writing children’s books, I write articles, and have given talks and workshops on the development of consciousness.

And I love storytelling I spent the winter of 2006/07 studying at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College, in Forest Row, East Sussex, and now seize every opportunity to tell stories.

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