Emergence by Rosemary Wilkie

This eye-opening book shows why people think the way they do, why some are so difficult to deal with, and why they disagree with each other so much. It also throws light on the great changes happening in the world. It is a simple introduction to Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi), based on the work of Professor Clare Graves. For decades it has been successfully employed around the globe creating and implementing solutions to social conflicts and business problems.

SDi shows that human nature is not fixed. It evolves. The way people think depends on their life conditions, as we can see from watching children’s thinking develop as they grow up. And we have the in-built capacity to think in new more complex ways when our life conditions change. Organisations, nations and civilisations evolve in exactly the same way.

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How to buy Emergence: Volume 1: An introduction

Emergence is available as an ebook.
It is for sale on Amazon.com and round the world for the equivalent of $2.99.

Emergence is now available in French.


A lively introduction to Spiral Dynamics Integral. The Beacon

This ebook is the perfect introduction to Spiral Dynamics Integral – one of the most interesting, powerful and useful concepts I’ve ever come across. Tomnixon on Amazon.

This is a really accessible and user-friendly introduction to the powerful Spiral Dynamics. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Spiral Dynamics and the concept of human emergence. Strongly recommended. Tess

I’ve been waiting for such a well-written and engaging insight into Spiral Dynamics for years. A very enjoyable and informative book, easy to read but hard to put down! Iain

A well written work which remains engaging from first page to last. Mensa Magazine